kennedy space center

John F. Kennedy Space Center is America's gateway to the universe and NASA's launch headquarters. Just 45 minutes from Orlando, it is a working government facility where over 10,000 men and women daily push the limits of scientific knowledge.

But it's also a remarkable place for visitors to explore and make their own discoveries. Celebrating the past, present and future of mankind's accomplishments, Kennedy Space Center is part of any great Florida vacation.

Kennedy Space Center is America's busiest launch and landing facility. Here you can witness the entire process, from the extensive preparation work, to an earth-shaking launch, to a breathtaking landing. There are three orbiters in the NASA Space Shuttle fleet - Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

Countless communication and surveillance satellites have been launched from Kennedy Space Center as well. These unmanned launches aboard Atlas, Delta and Titan rockets are a monthly occurrence. In the summer of 2003, NASA again made a giant leap for mankind by launching a rover to the planet Mars.

Within every building and around every corner at Kennedy Space Center, there is a story to tell about the days of early space exploration. The Mercury Program saw the selection of America's first Astronauts, as well as the first manned spacecraft to orbit Earth. During Project Gemini, Astronauts walked and worked in space. And the legendary Apollo Program eventually put 12 Americans on the moon.

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